Why do You Need a Wedding Photographer?

Apr 28, 2023

You need a wedding photographer to capture the wedding portraits

Why do you need a wedding photographer? One of the most important decisions you will make is choosing the right wedding photographer for you.


Your wedding photography is about much more than just the day itself. It’s the first day of a wonderful journey together and the rest of your lives.


What makes a good photographer? As a UK wedding photographer, I strive to capture not only how you looked, but also all of the emotions and moments that happened.


The images you receive are a frozen moment in time– they will take you back in time and allow you to relive the moments and feelings all over again, with your loved ones!


You need a wedding photographer to capture the wedding portraits


6 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Photographer

  • We spend time getting to know you
  • We have experience 
  • The photos are all you have left
  • You can enjoy your day
  • You are paying for more than just the photos
  • You can look back on all the best memories


We spend time getting to know you


Wedding photographers are more than just suppliers– we love getting to know our couples and becoming their friends, well at least I do!


When you hire the right one, you take the time to get to know them whether this is through meetings via Zoom or in person, or through engagement photos, wedding planning sessions, and the wedding itself.


We go out of our way to make even the most camera-shy couples feel at ease in front of the camera– this links to why you need a wedding photographer you connect with, so you can ensure you feel at the most ease possible. 

Wedding Photographer takes photos of the couple to capture wedding portraits

We have experience 


A professional wedding photographer will have an advantage that others do not– we have experience.


You are not only paying for our time and commitment, but you are also investing in a photographer who will use their equipment, attention to detail, and professional eye that they have spent years honing.


We know exactly how to capture every detail, from the first look to the final fireworks display. As well, every photographer has their own style in which you can choose who meets your preferred style! For example, I love fun and colourful weddings!


Although anyone with an expensive camera may do the job, it is not the equipment that does the work– it is the artist– the person who creates the magic.


We understand lighting, posing, composition, and editing, among other things. A fancy camera cannot replace the expertise of a professional.


You should choose a wedding photographer who has experience


The photos are all you have left


At the end of the day, while you have the memories, the photos are all you have to show for the rest of your life to showcase those memories.


You need a wedding photographer to capture every detail and moment, as flowers wither, the dress gets put away and the small moments start to fade. However, memories last a lifetime. 


The high-quality images can be shared online and displayed in your home. You can eventually pass them down to your children, grandchildren, and future generations.

The wedding album is all you have left after your wedding day


You can enjoy your day


A wedding photographer will not need any assistance– we don’t need a shot list, we know when to arrive and what to wear, we have discussed important details with you before your wedding day, and we have a plan B in case of an emergency– the list goes on.


You won’t even need to talk to us during your wedding day if you don’t want to, plus you will probably forget we are even there as we capture every moment as you have fun and are simply in the moment with your loved ones!

Guests enjoying the day as the wedding photographer captures it all


You are paying for more than just the photos


In addition to the value of a photographer’s knowledge, prices include the cost of our equipment, insurance for our equipment, and liability insurance if something should happen to us or you during your wedding.


We also spend hours selecting photographs from the thousands of images we shot during the day to edit and organise in a gallery that you and other family members can access.


A wedding photographer takes time to edit the images as well as guide you


You can look back on all the best memories


The best reason why you need a wedding photographer is the fact you will miss moments during your day– you can’t be with everyone during your wedding!

Your grandma breaking her best moves on the dance floor– now this will be a funny moment to look back on with your family and friends, right?!


The moment you walk down the aisle and your partner sheds a tear, you’ll have it captured to remember all of the special emotions that happened. 


Ultimately, it is rare to have all of your family and friends together in one room so having photos of you all together having the time of your life is something you will never regret investing in. 


Wedding photography captures the memories of your wedding day


Are you ready to book your UK wedding photographer


Now you know why you need a wedding photographer, you’ll be sure to decide whether investing in one for your wedding day is for you! 


I am a UK wedding photographer who loves joining couples on their exciting journey, so if you would like to chat, get in touch here.

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