Why You Should Have a Second Wedding Photographer

Aug 3, 2023

Devon wedding photographer capturing the bride and groom

If you are in the midst of wedding planning there are so many things to consider, including choosing your wedding suppliers. 


Your wedding photographer is the supplier who will capture all of the memories from your wedding day so you can look back and re-live it all over again.


As a Devon wedding photographer, I have my own style and my own personality which means I attract couples who align with me best! And, another thing to consider when choosing your wedding photography is whether you should have a second shooter there too. 


In this blog post, I am going to talk about why you should have a second wedding photographer and the benefits of having two wedding photographers!


A second wedding photographer capturing the moment the bride walks down the aisle


5 Reasons for a Second Wedding Photographer


  • Speeds Up Group Shots
  • Coverage From Different Angles
  • Back-Up!
  • Different Locations
  • They Bring Their Creativity 


Devon wedding photographer capturing the bride and groom

Speeds Up Group Shots


I love to capture fun and colourful weddings, and all of the real moments that take place during your day, but I also understand how important it is to have a shot of the entire family.


I never want to keep you from your celebrations for too long so having a second wedding photographer is just one of the ways to speed up this process.


Second shooters, when paired with a bridesmaid or best man, can be great at bringing groups together and getting the next shot ready before the last one is finished.


Second wedding photographer capturing a group shot of the bridesmaids


Coverage From Different Angles


One photographer can focus on the groom’s reaction during the ceremony and first look, while the other can photograph the bride.


During the ceremony, we can capture wide shots from the back of the room, as well as more intimate, emotional images from the front. During your reception, one of us can capture your wedding party dancing while the second wedding photographer captures fun group shots and candids. 

Second wedding photographer capturing different angles on the dancefloor




Every photographer should have a backup plan, just in case something happens!


Backup cameras, multiple memory cards and backup storage for after the wedding are three things I always have to ensure nothing goes wrong. 


On top of that, a second wedding photographer serves as a backup photographer. On your wedding day, if the photographer trips while walking backwards down the aisle (touch wood this never happens!), falls ill, or something happens to the other photographer’s camera, you will want a backup.


Devon wedding photographer capturing the guests

Different Locations


Having a second wedding photographer allows one of us to spend time with the bride before the wedding and the other to photograph the groom. It is really helpful if the bride and groom are getting ready in different locations which is usually the case!


Second wedding photographer can be at different locations such as bridal prep

They Bring Their Creativity 


I choose a second wedding photographer whose style complements my own!


One of my favourite reasons to hire a second shooter is that each photographer brings their own unique perspective to the table, resulting in more variety in your images.


We, photographers, are the creative type, and we take pride in seeing things differently than others. We also have different perspectives on things! I have several very talented second photographers who I enjoy working with, and I am constantly inspired by some of the great shots they get during the day.


Second wedding photographer can take creative wedding photos


Ready to Enquire About Your Devon Wedding Photography?


Whether you are getting married in Devon or beyond, I would love to have a chat with you about the wonderful day you have planned and see whether we are the perfect match!


And, now you know why you should have a second wedding photographer at your wedding, you can decide whether you want to hire just me, or an incredible second shooter, who I can bring along with me, to ensure your wedding day is captured in all of its beauty! 

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