Photos I Capture on Your Wedding Day as a Devon Wedding Photographer

Jun 30, 2023

I capture your wedding location as a Devon wedding photographer

Your wedding day is, of course, such a special day and you want to be able to look back on it in all its glory, right?


You spend so much time dreaming of your wedding, as well as time planning and perfecting that once it is here it goes by in a flash and all you have left are distant memories. The beauty of photography is that you can look back at every detail, emotion and moment that took place on your day and you can re-live it all over again. 


So, if are considering hiring a photographer for your day, I am going to tell you what photos I capture on your wedding day as a Devon wedding photographer!

Photos I capture as a devon wedding photographer

6 Types of Wedding Photos I Take


  • Wedding Prep
  • Portraits
  • Natural Moments
  • The Emotions
  • The Details
  • The Location


Wedding Prep


As a Devon wedding photographer, it is so important to capture your whole wedding day story and that means capturing every moment your day entails.


The wedding prep is a very emotional part of your day – you are feeling the nerves and the excitement. As well, you are getting glam to feel your most beautiful and confident self ready for your partner to see you! 


As you and your bridal party mingle whilst having your hair and makeup done, I can capture those candid moments with the ones closest to you, to show the whole process of your day.


Not everyone chooses a full-day package so I don’t always capture the prep, but if you would like your prep captured too then I am more than happy to be by your side!


I capture your wedding prep as a Devon wedding photographer




Although many people dread the idea of portraits because they are posed and not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera, you do not need to worry!


First of all, the portraits are about 5% of your day and it is so lovely to have some posed shots of you and your partner, as well as some group shots with family and friends.


I will ensure that I make you feel super comfortable – I will just like your best pal by your side, as well as your biggest cheerleader as I guide you through some comfortable and natural poses – we want the shots to look genuine so I ensure you relax and be yourself.


I capture portraits as a Devon wedding photographer


Natural Moments


For the rest of your wedding day, every photo I capture will be natural and candid – you won’t even realise I am taking them! This is perfect as you will receive a wedding photo album that tells a genuine story of your day.


You will find shots of you and your loved ones laughing together, smiling, hugging, dancing and even tears of joy. I will have it all on camera and trust me, you will appreciate seeing it all, especially because you will miss some of the emotions and moments between guests at your wedding as you can’t be with everyone all at once. 


I capture the natural moments as a Devon wedding photographer


The Emotions


As I already briefly mentioned, I will capture all of the emotions – big or small! 


Whether that be your partner tearing up as you walk down the aisle or you and your best friends laughing away. Whatever emotions take part on your wedding day – which I am sure there will be a lot of them – I will capture it on camera.


You will remember how you felt, as well as how everyone else felt on the biggest and most important day of your life. As a Devon wedding photographer, this is one of my favourite things to capture on camera and they really do help tell your wedding day story.

I capture the emotions as a Devon wedding photographer

The Details


The details are just as important as everything else. These small things are what get forgotten about the easiest. 


As a Devon wedding photographer, I love capturing the details that created the bigger picture, whether that be wedding stationery such as your menus and signs, the decor such as colourful bunting and props, the jewellery and bold wedding makeup details. Even the food!

I capture the details such as the wedding food as a Devon wedding photographer

The Location


The location of your wedding day is so important, as it is usually something a lot of couples consider when choosing where to get married! As a Devon wedding photographer I of course love Devon as we have gorgeous coastal landscapes. 


However, I do cover wider parts of the UK and I have captured city weddings and woodland weddings too! The location depends on your preference, but ensuring that I have this captured within your wedding photos is key – it serves as the ideal backdrop for your photos.


I capture your wedding location as a Devon wedding photographer


Ready to Book Your Wedding Photography?


Now you know what photos I capture on your wedding day as a Devon wedding photographer I hope you are ready to enquire about yours so you have every single memory and detail captured for you to look back on, forever.


I would love to have a chat with you!

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