Hen Do Activity Ideas and Tips for Planning!

May 31, 2023

A hen do activity idea is drag lunch

Are you planning your hen do? Or are you the bride-to-be’s bestie looking for some inspiration? Then you’re in the right place…


As a wedding photographer in Devon, I love helping my couples along the way as much as I can, so being their supporter, cheerleader and photographer is what I do best.


So, to help you create the best day with your hen party here are my hen do activity ideas and tips for planning!

Hen do activity ideas and tips for planning

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Tips for Planning The Hen Do Activity


  • Make it Personal
  • Have Fun With it
  • Be Organised


Make it Personal 


The best way to ensure the hen do is personal to the bride is to make it all about them! What do they like to do? What would make them the happiest? What would bring them the most joy? What hen do activities would they enjoy most with their hen party?


Do something that is personal, that makes them realise you really thought of them!


Hen do activity ideas for you and your besties!

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Have Fun With it


The hen party is going to be a hell of a good time with the people you love most, so the best thing to do whilst planning it is to have fun! The more fun, the better the vibes for the actual party and that is what it is all about, right?


Be Organised


Planning well in advance is a brilliant idea to defeat any overwhelm or stress. The bride will appreciate what you have done for them and if you know them well enough it will be easy peasy coming up with the best hen do activity


Do your research early, and book something up if it requires you to secure a spot to avoid any disappointment and to ensure everyone can attend the same date.


Fun Hen Do Activity Ideas!


  • Boob Pottery
  • Puppy Yoga
  • Drag Lunch
  • Life Drawing
  • Karaoke
  • Go on a Hike
  • Cocktail Making


Boob (or bum!) Pottery


Why not have some fun and make a unique pot either for yourself or as a gift – it is something a little different!


It’s a quirky way of doing pottery that definitely gets your creativity flowing and makes for lots of giggles with your besties.


A hen do activity idea is book or bum pottery for lots of fun and giggles with your friends!

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Puppy Yoga


Do you swoon over every puppy you see? Do you love a spot of yoga? Then puppy yoga may be right up your street! 


A fun, adorable and unique way to do something you enjoy.


Drag Lunch


A drag lunch? Sounds different doesn’t it? Well, it is a lot of fun. 


There are drag bottomless brunch’s all around the UK, and some big events in London that will have you eating, drinking, and dancing your way through the afternoon with some of London’s leading drag stars. 


A hen do activity idea is drag lunch


Life Drawing


Life drawing is a great hen-do activity if you love being artistic! 


This kind of drawing is great as it can contribute to a mindful and relaxed state, reduce anxiety, improve problem-solving and encourage new perspectives, which I think is lovely, and is a great way for you and your besties to have a laugh at whatever you’ve managed to conjure up!




A few drinks, all your friends and lots of singing all of your favourite songs! If this is right up your street then a karaoke night (or day!) may be the ideal hen do activity for you. 


There are so many karaoke rooms you can hire out for just you guys and you can pick the tunes you want to belt your heart out to. Or, hire a karaoke machine and host it at your house.

Hen do activity idea is karaoke with all of your friends

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Go on a Hike


If you are more of the adventurous type then a good old hike with your best pals may be the ideal hen do activity for you.


Choose a gorgeous spot in the UK, pick a good day for it and soak in the views – maybe even take a picnic and a bottle of prosecco up with you!


Cocktail Making


If you are looking to learn something new, whilst also getting creative and having fun (and a little tipsy!) then cocktail making is a great hen do activity for you and your besties.


This is also a great way to know what sort of cocktails you would like to serve on your wedding day, so it is a win-win!


Hen do activity idea is cocktail making

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Ready for an awesome hen-do?!


You have an array of fun hen do activity ideas and tips for planning, so now you can go away and decide what type of thing is up your street and will make for the best party.


If you haven’t booked your wedding photographer yet, then I would love to chat to see if we are the right fit for eachother! I’d love to capture your wedding memories full of joy, colour and of course, love. 

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