How to Plan a Colourful Wedding

Oct 23, 2022

There is nothing I love more than a gorgeous, cheery wedding that is brimming with colour and joy. A vibrant theme will make you and your guests happy and is the ideal way to spread your upbeat personality throughout your wedding day!

Your wedding colours are likely already important to you, but you actually have to choose them before you can begin the majority of your wedding planning adventure. The best way to choose your wedding colours may appear obvious – you just pick a few colours you like and leave it at that, right?

While that is somewhat true, there are a few other factors you should take into account before settling on a final wedding colour scheme, such as the season of your wedding, the formality of your wedding, and your unique style.

Here is my guide on how to plan a colourful wedding!

What Is a Wedding Color Scheme?

A wedding colour scheme is a group of colours that are incorporated in various ways on your wedding day. It is also referred to as a wedding colour palette. 

Your wedding’s colours are incorporated into practically every aspect of the wedding, including invitations, floral arrangements, tablecloths, attire, wedding cake, and perhaps even unexpected touches like your signature drinks or wedding favours.

How Can You Create Your Colourful Wedding?

  • Welcome Sign – the first impression
  • Your Backdrops
  • Florals
  • Cake
  • Smoke Bombs
  • Confetti
  • Stationary
  • Donut Wall
  • Bridesmaids
  • Colourful Wedding Photographer!

Welcome Sign – The First Impression

This awesome sign welcomes guests as they enter the ceremony and delivers a taste of the excitement (and colour scheme) to come. It differs from the traditional wooden welcome sign. Plus, this couple literally made it feel like I had entered a festival with all of the food and music times displayed! If this doesn’t scream fun and colour, I don’t know what does?!

Welcome your guests by introducing your colourful wedding theme as soon as they walk in!

Your Backdrops

Whether your backdrop will be a photo booth backdrop, to spruce up your dance floor, or as a lovely backdrop for the top table. Your special day will be full of drama with a wedding backdrop.

Many wedding backdrop ideas are floral extravaganzas. Real flowers can be pricey, so you might want something a little unique for your day.

To truly remember your colourful wedding vibes, finding or creating a colourful and fun backdrop is great for the photos! You can look back on these photos and be reminded of the colourful day you created.


When planning a colourful wedding, the season can depend on your colourful wedding theme. If you are planning a summer or spring wedding then you are likely to have good weather meaning the outdoors will (hopefully) be perfect.

Think natural summer flowers blooming in the bushes, these will provide all the colour! 

Autumn is perfect if you adore autumn colours. Bright oranges and reds are my faves here, you can’t go wrong. Sunflowers in your wedding photos – yes, please!

Choosing your florals in the winter allows you to choose whatever you want! Your best bet here is to go for some dried flowers or pampas. You have so many choices so choose a theme that you both love and best reflects your personality.


Wedding cakes that are big, bold, and colourful are growing in popularity as more and more couples ditch the tradition of having white wedding cakes.

Simply adding one block of colour to one of the layers will provide colour to your wedding cake. Alternatively, you may not choose a cake, maybe you will choose a cheese tower like the one below, you can go all out and have your cake decorated in bright colours to match your colourful wedding theme.

Create something that truly reflects you both that will add to your colourful wedding theme. Colourful wedding cakes are certainly show-stoppers!

Smoke Bombs

These fun props take off in gorgeous clouds of colour, creating a dreamy backdrop that’s completely ethereal. They offer a fun approach to adding a nontraditional and unexpected element to your wedding, bringing it alive with a burst of colour!

Smoke bombs are a great alternative to confetti and make for the most epic photos.


You can say goodbye to plastic confetti as more couples opt for green weddings and the wedding industry focuses on sustainability. Biodegradable wedding confetti is a wonderful alternative that allows you to still participate in the celebrations while protecting the environment.

There are so many amazing choices when it comes to wedding confetti and you are definitely spoilt for choices to create a colourful wedding.


With an increase in alternative bridal looks, traditional white and ivory wedding invitations are taking a back seat, with fun and colourful designs becoming increasingly popular.

You can easily use colour in your wedding stationery, whether you’re searching for a geometric masterpiece, quirky typography prints, or gorgeously vibrant blooms. Simpler wedding stationery can also be accessorised with colourful accent pieces. For instance, decorating a plain ivory invitation with a satin ribbon or colourful writing will still have the desired result of giving it a daring and fun look.

It’s not just your invitations. For all aspects of the big day, wedding stationery that is vivid and vibrant looks fantastic. Using stationery, such as menu cards, place cards, table numbers, and a table plan, you can match your stationery theme with the design of your venue.

Donut Wall

They not only look fantastic and provide an amazing backdrop for your dessert table or wedding cake but they are also rather simple to put up with a few DIY items. Additionally, they can be completely customised to match your colourful wedding theme.


A simple way to add a lot of colour to your special day is to dress your bridesmaids in a rainbow. They look really colourful when dressed in mismatched outfits of different colours or tones, especially when accessorised with vibrant shoes and bouquets. It also means that they can all dress in a way that complements their individual styles and body types while still feeling completely at ease.

Colourful Wedding Photography!

Of course, choosing a colourful wedding photographer is the best way to capture all of the colour and happiness you have planned for your wedding day! I truly LOVE colour and enjoy photographing vibrant weddings.

Get to know the photographer before you book them and make sure they are the right one for you!

My Tips When Wedding Planning

  • Make sure you and your partner are on the same page by sitting down and talking about your ideal wedding.


  • Create a budget.


  • Begin making a guest list. Decide on a rough guest count because it may affect the venues you choose.


  • Choose suitable wedding dates and confirm with significant guests to prevent conflicts.


  • If the ceremony and reception places are different, research them both.


  • Together, choose what suppliers are essential and then work your other desired suppliers around that budget.

Are You Ready to Plan Your Colourful Wedding?

Now I have given you some help with how to plan a colourful wedding, I hope you are ready to start planning! Choose the suppliers that will make your day special by adding the colour you desire for your colourful wedding.

If you are anything like me, breaking the norms is something that will make your wedding day unique and adding bold and vibrant colours is the perfect way to do this!

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