Wedding planning in a pandemic

May 11, 2020

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Wedding planning in a Pandemic – creating a big day in the midst of COVID-19

Well… those are words I never thought I would write! Planning a wedding brings up enough challenges without throwing a global pandemic into the mix. Are you wedding planning in a pandemic? Figuring out when it will be safe to have the wedding you dream of without having to be 2 metres away from your loved ones (no aisle is that wide!). You’re not alone, many couples are trying to manoeuvre their way around Coronavirus and how it is changing their plans. You may still be holding on to a 2020 date in the hope that it’ll have passed, you may have had to postpone to 2021 or 2022, you may have always had a 2021 date but still not sure how COVID-19 will effect your wedding.

I sound like I’m building up to come out with some magical way or secret insight into how you can make it all work out regardless of your situation. But sadly, I’m not. I’m just as clueless as the rest of you. But what I do know is that when your big day does happen (and it will), it’ll be a celebration like no other.

wedding party at Glazebrook house, wedding planning in a pandemic

One good thing about wedding planning in a pandemic is that you have LOADS of time to be researching, booking suppliers and moodboarding with your loved ones (unless you’re still working, in which case I salute you). Here are a few ideas of things you CAN be doing for your wedding in this crazy time of can’t’s.


Nothing about living in lockdown is rushed, so you have plenty of time to sit down, brew a cuppa and research all of your wedding day options. No need to make quick decisions, so you can be sure you make the right ones. Grab that wedding notebook/ folder/ file/ cabinet(?) and note down all the suppliers, colours, unique ideas and personal touches you want to include.

Polaroid guest book


Ok, this might not be your thing, but as a creative I love a mood board. You can stick anything you like on there and see the whole look coming together. It helps me to really visualise what the day might look like. It may be on Pinterest, or a physical board with paper and glue and glitter pens…

Kent wedding photographer The Ferry House Inn Harty Creative wedding Magical themed wedding DIY wedding crafts book themed Harry Potter Lord of the Rings wedding dress father of the bride bridesmaids DIY table decorations


Usually when you are booking a venue for your wedding you will go and look around it. With a global pandemic taking over the world, this obviously isn’t possible right now. Lots of venues, however, are holding virtual tours of their venue to perspective clients, and it is a great way to see the venue from the safety of your own home. It is also a great way to ask questions and chat about your vision with them.

A lot of other suppliers also love to meet with clients before they book, or once they have booked, to chat about their ideas and to get to know each other a bit. This is a perfect time to do this thanks to modern technology! Chances are you’re both free to chat most of the time, so finding a time in busy schedules to meet is a thing of the past! (For now).

Glazebrook house wedding ceremony


This is the perfect time to book suppliers. Their 2020 clients are postponing dates to the next 2 years so their years will be booking up fast. Once you have researched the perfect suppliers for you, don’t hang around and book them whilst they’re still available. Have back up suppliers just in case they’re not – chances are the person you hoped to book will have some great suggestions of similar suppliers too, so always ask them for recommendations!

Harriet Bird Photography book wedding suppliers during coronavirus


Those small details you end up panicking about in the last weeks before the wedding… iron them out now. Things like: finding out which of your guests have dietary requirements, building playlists for different parts of your day, choosing readings for the ceremony, write speeches (& encourage other speech givers to do the same!) and putting together a gift list.

wedding planning in a pandemic do the things that get left to the last minute like writing speeches


Wedding DIY can take up loads of time, so whilst you have to stay in, why not make a start!? Make those signs, name cards, table numbers, decorations – you’ll be glad you did once life starts returning to normal and you no longer have the endless Netflix hours to get creative in!

Kent wedding photographer The Ferry House Inn Harty Creative wedding Magical themed wedding DIY wedding crafts book themed Harry Potter Lord of the Rings Pandemic planning


This one is not as practical per se, but it is still super important. Allow yourself and your partner to dream of the day that will be. Because once the madness of this pandemic has passed, and the pain it has caused subsides, you will have the day of your dreams and the celebration will be twofold. Enjoy the time you have now, live for today & get excited for what’s to come. If anything, wedding planning in a pandemic will be a great story to tell the grandkids.

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