Letters from Emily wedding stationary

Featured supplier blog post: Letters From Emily | Wedding Stationary/ Illustration 

I am so excited about this new and ongoing series of blogs I am starting. I know and trust some incredible wedding suppliers and I wanted to show them off to you! The series will include a variety of suppliers, answering questions about themselves and their business, as well as how they can help couples planning their wedding.

We start the series with wedding stationary extraordinaire (and fellow colour lover), Letters From Emily.


Sum yourself/ your business up in 3 words 




When did you start your business and what was your background previously?

“I have been a graphic designer for 20 years. Ive often used illustration throughout my career but I really wanted to start my own business where I could focus more on illustration. I still work on branding projects now and actually the way I work with clients really helps with the way I work with wedding couples. Building up a strong and reliable relationship has been key in my business.”

What do you love about working in the wedding industry?

“Oh I just love love… cheesy or what, but its absolutely true. I love it when people are happy, and making plans for one of the happiest occasions of their life. I like being a part of that story.”

Where do you get your inspiration from?

“Flowers, nature, colour. Im not really a big one for trends. Dont get me wrong, I dont ignore them but its only if a colour fits into my aesthetic or style that I will use it. I don’t adapt my overall style and ethics to fit in with trends. So I tend not to add many embellishments to my collections, especially if they arent sustainable options. Im always happy to discuss a couples requirements but acrylic and wax seals arent really my thing. Some trends, like low waste weddings, I tend to use to help promote what I already do, rather than take inspiration from.”

What would you say is your signature style?

“It sounds obvious but I’d say bright and creative, untraditional.”

Which colour palettes or styles are you loving right now? 

“I am an absolute colour lover! I love vibrancy but actually my collections have been less bold in colour this year with more rich but muted tones. If a collection I design features less bold colour then I tend to involved myself in styled shoots that allow me to create more bold and colourful designs.”

What has been your strangest (or most creative) request?

“I think adding a watercolour illustration of a chicken to a bespoke wedding invite was, I wouldn’t say strangest actually, but one of my highlights. I love the fact there is a chicken peeping out of a floral design.”

Which piece of work are you most proud of to date?

“I’m really proud of my new collections for 2020. I felt a bit disappointed as just as I was about to launch them, we were in lockdown. So I think I will be revitalising my most recent collections for 2021 because I just love them.”

What up and coming themes/ trends are you seeing/predicting for 2020/2021?

“When I started in 2017 I predominantly worked with couples who had smaller, more laid back weddings and I think this could be something we see more of, not just because of restrictions but I think couples will place more value on the enjoyment of the day.”

What advice can you give to couples who are on the fence about finding someone to create their wedding stationary? 

“I think the stationery really sets the scene for your wedding, there is an element of ceremony when someone receives an invite and I think most importantly, especially with bespoke stationery, it is a very visual and clear reflection of who you are as a couple.”

What do you do for fun in your spare time?

“I have so little spare time! Running a business from home with a small child doesn’t leave time for much else! But I do love being outside, going for long walks. I also love live music and absolutely can not wait to go to some gigs or festivals again! Joy!”

I worked with Emily on my recent Moroccan inspired wedding styled shoot where she created some stunning pieces of stationary which really tied the shoot together (see photos below). I would wholeheartedly recommend Emily if you are looking for a creative, lovely, easy-going and diverse illustrator to make your wedding stand out. Check out her website here!

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