Fun ways to celebrate your original wedding date during a pandemic. 

If you are reading this blog, you may have had to postpone your 2020 wedding because of COVID-19. That seriously SUCKS. I’m so sorry.

You may have come to terms with it and are feeling positive, or you may still be feeling pretty crappy about the whole thing. Either way, you’re determined to celebrate your original wedding date in one way or another! 

Here are some tips about how you could mark the occasion, pandemic style!

1. A zoom party with all of your favourite people

Zoom is a wonderful tool to stay connected. No it’s not as good as dancing the night away arm in arm or doing the conga with your mates, but it is better than nothing. And it is a great way to have everyone together to celebrate you! Create a Mr & Mrs quiz, get some G&T’s flowing and have a great time!

2. A socially distanced walk & BBQ with your closest friends or family members

You could even make this last the whole weekend, seeing different people on different days/times. Raise a glass to the would-have-been bride and groom and chat about how awesome the wedding will be once it’s finally here. You could even have a mini wedding cake made and make it really official!

3. Decorate your house with all of your fancy decorations and host a fake-ceremony.

Ever seen a cat or dog celebrant? No? Nows the time to make it happen! 

4. A couples photoshoot

Contact your wedding photographer and ask to have some couples photographs taken to mark the day. Dust off your nice clothes, re-introduce your face and hair to self-care and have some fun in front of the camera. You could even bring along some confetti! 

5. Make something together

Create something for your wedding together. DIY bouquet, back drop, table plan, cake topper… whatever you want! Get creative & have fun!

6. A romantic day, just the two of you

You don’t have to spend this day with anyone other than your most favourite person, the one you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with. Start the day with breakfast in bed and end it with Netflix and chill… if you know what I mean. 

7. Make plans for your new wedding date/ future together

This one can be combined with option no.4. Keep dreaming of what your wedding day will be like once it is here, and how EPIC the celebrations will be! Think to the future and talk about what you want to do. Maybe make a bucket list of things you want to do once you’ve tied the knot! This will give you both something else to look forward to. 

I would love to hear what fun way you celebrated your original wedding date and see photos of how it went! And if you’re looking for a photographer to capture some memories to mark the day, then get in touch

fun ways to celebrate your original wedding date

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